Web Site and Services Pricing

  • Complete Web Site build

    Entry Level – Theme Build … $3k – $8k
    Standard – Semi-Custom . . . $5k – $12k
    Premier – Custom Design … $12k – $55k

  • Website Redesign

    Discovery and Documentation … $1050.
    Website Redesign Build … $3k – $20k


  • Web Site Maintenance

    Basic . . . $149.99
    Standard . . . $249.99
    Pro . . . $499.99

  • Search engine Optimization

    On-Site SEO. . . $99.99 / Page
    Off-site SEO … TBD
    Paid Search … TBD

  • Media/Content

    Blog & video . . . $149.99
    Bi-blogs & Video . . . $249.99
    Writing . . . $199.99 per page

Maintenance and Service Packages

A good strategy is well defined plan that consists of targeted methods to keep your online presence alive, active and healthy. We stand behind our clients with ongoing tactics to keep people interested in your website. Smart businesses nurture their online presence on an ongoing basis.

Make it part of your strategy to choose your online presence marketer with care, because of the learning curve to get up to speed with your business. It is our strategy to provide quality over quantity.

Some of the tools and tactics we use are listed below. A strategic plan will be based off of what Discovery reveals and your intentions to grow your business. We want you to rely on us to help you come up with the plan, and carry it out. This way your can continue to grow your business by doing what you do best. What we do is based on your needs, so if a specific tactic is not listed below, that does not mean that we won’t do it. We do what it takes.

  • Uploading blog posts – Upload photos, text and video
  • Making sure your up-to-date – Nurture your website and reap major rewards
  • Pay-per-click campaigns – Use search engine advertising to generate website clicks
  • Onsite seo – Optimized content factors that drive “organic” website traffic
  • Offsite seo – Optimized content factors that drive “organic” website traffic
  • Edits to your site – Allow us to make content and image edits to your site