The Work

Project Processes that we use to inspire, communicate and get the work done!

  • Project Kick off starts after the contract is signed and the initial payment is made. The contract will spell out the strategy and tactics, and clearly define payment, timeline of deliverables, and expectations.

    We have two main methods of communication, Our project management tool is called Teamwork. which is a great way to streamline your processes, connect with you and collaborate with our team. We will have weekly meetings that last about an hour, on the computer or in person if practical. Our meetings will be structured and focused on product development.

    After all the project deliverables are made, we double check everything and make sure that your intended visitors will have the best user experience on all devices.

  • Company decision makers are required to be part of our process, so we can make prompt decisions in the interest of time and project management.
    website design process are time sensitive

    After project launch we will be training you on website management and give you a 30 day warranty to thoroughly test drive your new baby.

    If the contract calls for ongoing maintenance, or marketing we will continue to have weekly meetings to discuss objectives that were planned out in project strategy

Nurturing Leads requires it’s own set of tactics that are ongoing and we’ll be here for you during this process as well.