The Handover

  • Handing the keys over is the final step in our website design process. Please be assured that you now have a great website build.

    Handover happens when all payments have been made.

    During the 30 day warranty we encourage you to take a thorough test drive, just in case there are any unforeseen bugs to be worked out.

    Forms and surveys will be taken as we transition to make sure you have what you need.

    Training on working in the back-end your site will be recorded, so you can revisit those lessons if needed.

    You will be able to check in to Google Analytics and have a good sense of what the graphs are representing as traffic is concerned.

    By then we will have had several conversations about ongoing maintenance, whether it is lead nurturing or updating and back ups. Ideally for both of us you will already know the importance of taking activities that will keep your site safe and well visited. If you have an on-going plan already in place, you have what it takes for a competitive market.

  • On-going Services

    Service and Maintenance components are necessary to keep your site up to date and current. Businesses that consider service and maintenance as part of your overall website design strategy will see better results that those that don’t.

    We recommend that you have on-going maintenance plan with the Mousekey Design Team, because we are most familiar with the inner workings of your website and have been exposed to many of possible issues that can arise.

    We offer many lead nurturing services, such as SEO, PPC, Email campaigns and more. This type of nurturing requires often hourly and daily efforts. Our constant research on the most effective activities will be an on-going learning process for us, because of the ever changing nature of internet marketing.

    If you have decided against on on-going plan, we want to extend a very special offer of 20% if you purchase within 2 months of handover.

    Ongoing nurturing and maintenance plans

Our passion and interests are in wanting you to succeed, keep in mind that success looks different from one to the next. Your on-going maintenance and nurturing plans will be unique to your company business and culture as well. By the time we reach this stage in the project, the Mousekey Design Team has a very clear idea of what you are all about. That being said let’s continue working together based the relationship that has already been formed. When you see Return on Investment you’ll be glad you did.