Strategic Activities that turn into leads, leads that turn into opportunities and opportunities that turn into deals.

  • sales funnel in the website design process
  • Tactics Used in Strategies

    Our Discovery process is about working smarter. Our questions are designed to get you thinking about your competition, ideal clients, processes, and desired results.

    The funnel is a representation of your website. A well thought out strategy formulated during discovery calls for different tactics that filter through the funnel to achieve desirable effects.

    First we aim to identify the biggest pain or problem in your business, then apply tactics that will resolve the pain and ultimately make your business better and run smoother.

    Then we apply tactics that will be responded to by your specific target audience that makes your audience believe that you are the experts with which they want to deal.

    After you have achieved solid footing with a website that will attract and deliver then our next step is to nurture and attract more leads.