Search Engine Optimization

Why should you consider Search Engine Optimization?

It is the grease that makes the gears run smoothly. Onsite and offsite Search Engine Optimization makes it possible for visitors to find you by placing your site in the top Search Engine Results. Our SEO Expert will help you develop a Dynamic search engine strategy to surpass your competitors. As with all our processes, we rely on you to be present throughout our discovery process. We will then be able to work smarter and give you the best possible outcome for your money.

The types of work needed will be determined in Discovery, but may include some of the tactics listed below.
  • •Renaming files or optimizing file names for Search Engines
    • Updating your meta keywords, page titles, or descriptions for Search Engines
    • Generating a sitemap for search engines to more easily navigate your site
    • Updating inventory, for keyword optimization if you have shopping cart software
    • Traffic statistics and details of visitor information
    • Search Engine Optimization recommendations
  • What’s not included?
    • Graphic Design
    • Copywriting
    • PHP, javascript or other server side code work
    • Search engine submissions