Strategic Planning and Documentation

Discovery is always our first step in our Design Process and is designed to learn everything we can about your business and objectives. Data collection is our main objective at this point in the project. Within our meetings, we search for the biggest pain points, inefficiencies, and opportunities in your business by discussing what has and what has not been working and much, much more,

When is Discovery?

We meet for 3 meetings, each is about one hour long. We don’t do them all at once because our brains can’t take that much information and business owners tend to have limited time. Plus, we want to do our research between the meetings. We love bringing you information that you may not know about competition or your target audience.

During Discovery

Meeting #1 is all about you, Your company, & What you stand for. Your story. Why you exist. Meeting #2 is all about your audience. Who they are. What they need. What they do. Meeting #3 is the connection point. We talk about how people engage with you and your organization and how we can leverage revenue from that engagement.

What you have to do?

All you have to do is commit to showing up. It’s that easy. Gather all key decision makers and show up for the meetings. We will do the heavy lifting. You commit to 3 hours while we put about 12 hours of work.

What we will do?

We prepare for the meetings, we lead the meetings by asking strategic questions that will give clarity about your company and it’s positioning in your region and we do research online with the information we gather from you.

Discovery is a great value and good way to establish great working habits. Guiding the project down the track with purpose and direction. As we move toward the end of our discovery sessions we will present to you a strategic well thought out solution, tweak it to your specifications and then present the final solution complete with contract, pricing options and time table to proceed with project launch.